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A Short Social Media Platform Guide For Writers, Part 2

This post will be a short overview on other social media platforms writers can use. The platforms explored in brief here are Pinterest, Tumblr, and Discord.




Pinterest is described as a “social bookmarking website” that authors can share pictures that link to articles, websites, or products. It is also a “visual search engine” where users can search for access countless images. Writers can use Pinterest to share pictures from their stories, character image concepts, and book covers. 





Tumblr is a microblogging site can be used to engage with readers, post photos and videos, music, text posts, and more. Users can create “Tumblr” novels by making one chapter per post and draw in readers, or create microfiction stories. The best tip for maintaining a successful Tumblr account is consistent posting. 




Originally created to serve as a communication medium between video gamers during game sessions, it grew into a multiple-use tool. Discord is useful for writers as it serves a hangout, unrestrained conversation, and the lack of needing a follower account. Users can use voice chat and text chat-based channels to communicate their writing progress and even gather to perform writing critiques. Discord is also more effective than email lists.


There are other social media apps to consider, and these platforms will be explored in the future. 




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