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A Short Social Media Platform Guide For Writers, Part 3

For this blog post, we’ll be covering two major video-based platforms that are YouTube and TikTok




TikTok is a social media platform specializing in short-form videos. It is also a recommended platform for organic reach and advertising opportunities, and an opportunity to build a platform to where audiences would want to buy and read your book. While not recommended when starting out, using TikTok’s advertisement features to boost your videos is also a way to gain an audience.

An important subculture to look into on TikTok is Booktok. Using the hashtag #booktok is recommended when posting videos. More information about how to use TikTok can be found by clicking here.




YouTube hosts both short-form videos and long-form videos. Whether you want to create a short-form advertisement or a long-form video essay about your work, YouTube is a viable platform. It is a platform that takes a lot of time to build, and also takes a lot of time to build an audience. 

As with any of the social media platforms, promoting yourself as an author and building an audience is a long game to play. TikTok, YouTube, and the other platforms require a lot of time and dedication so do not expect to be an overnight success right away. Take time to learn and play around with any social media platform and be sure to follow and like other peoples’ content, especially if it relates to your own. You will not only learn how to operate new technology, get your name out there, and sell some books!



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