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Does Word Count Matter?

Word count often pops up in reader’s circle, but what does it mean? Why is it important? And is it essential to being a good writer?

Word count is more essential than one would think. Word count is a length of a written piece. It can be used to measure the length of a novel, an article, a blog post, or any type of written material. The most important aspect of word count is that word count helps determine who your audience is.

A good example of word count determining audience is if you are writing for young readers. Lower word counts are suitable for young readers but for older audiences, a higher word count is necessary. Still, the content inside the book also needs to be accounted for with the word count. Lower word counts are not just for young readers; they can be for different audiences depending on the book’s content.

Word counts also help set expectations for yourself as a writer. It is easy to keep track of word count and a word count can also help ensure that you don’t write too many details in your book that would bore or confuse the reader. It also helps sharpen writing discipline. According to Publication Coach, if you write 250 words a day, you’ll have more than 91,000 words a year. If you are submitting your book for traditional publication, for example, certain publishers only accept works within certain word counts. This is why being mindful of your project’s word count is a good habit to practice.

Overall, a word count helps writers’ disciplines and helps lean towards quality over quantity in the long run.



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