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Good Habits That Writers Should Practice

To be a good writer and a potential author of your own work, you need to do more than just write. You need to practice habits that will ensure good writing will happen and to maintain your well-being while working on your written work in progress.

Even if you don’t practice these habits, it is never too late to learn them. It is also never too late to grow and change, especially as a writer.

  • Keep an organized daily routine, as it helps with organizing times to write and manuscripts and prevents constant interruptions with writing
  • Write every day and keeping track of word count; this is every day, not just during weekends or when a muse strikes
  • Make use of writing prompts as they help generate ideas
  • Perform research for your writing as it helps with your work in progress and helps educate you in the process
  • Cut out all distractions while you write
  • Exercise as much as you can to keep healthy and strong; health is an important factor for writers
  • Write even when you are not inspired, as even dry periods in inspiration can help inspire later ideas and pieces
  • Set up a writing space, especially free of distractions
  • Keep and maintain a journal to help write every day
  • Include brainstorming sessions, even to the point of allowing bad ideas
  • Don’t discount thinking or planning, as even a voice recorder is acceptable for helping write and conceive ideas
  • Reward yourself for writing
  • Set up writing goals and deadlines
  • Limit time on social media

Those are some of the few tips every writer should practice. There are also many more in the links under the “Additional Resources” heading.

Overall, keep writing!



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