Hotspot Lending Policy

The Morrill Public Library lends portable Wi-Fi hotspots to Morrill Public Library card holders ages 18 or older who have a current Morrill Public Library card in good standing (i.e. library card is not blocked due to unpaid fines or lost materials).

Hotspot checkout is limited to one per household. The lending and Internet access period is 7 days, and the hotspots cannot be renewed or reserved for 24 hours after returning.

Hotspots are available on first come, first-served basis. The Wi-Fi hotspot devices cannot be placed on hold. The Library reserves the right to refuse service to patrons who abuse equipment or who have a history of returning items late. The Library is not responsible for any liability, damages or expense resulting from use or misuse of the device, connection of the device to other electronic devices, or data loss resulting from use of device.

  • A patron must present their library card and a government issued photo identification to the MPL circulation desk at the time of checkout.
  • Once a hotspot is checked out to a patron, it becomes the responsibility of that patron.
  • Any changes in condition or content while in the patron’s care will be the patron’s responsibility. The patron is responsible for damage, loss, or theft.
  • Patrons should have a basic working knowledge of the device on checkout. If any technical problems are encountered, patrons should return the device immediately to the MPL circulation desk.
  • The Wi-Fi hotspot devices’ access to the Internet will expire at the end of each loan period (7-days).
  • Devices must be returned directly to the MPL circulation desk at least one (1) hour before the library closes, and should never return the hotspot in the book drop or to another library. Devices returned in the book drop will result in a $10 fine.
  • Borrowers, along with a library staff member, will verify that all accessories are present at the time of checkout and check-in (case, device, USB cable, power adapter, instructions.)
  • The hotspot will be examined to ensure it has not been tampered with. If damage to the device is discovered by Library staff, these costs will be added to the patron’s account.
  • A returned hotspot must remain available in the library for 24 hours before the same patron, or another patron living in the same household, may check it out again.
  • An overdue charge of $1 per day up to the full replacement cost of $75 will be charged for a hotspot that is not returned. Damaged devices or parts will be charged at full replacement cost.
    • Case – $6
    • Charging cable – $10
  • Patrons are responsible for full replacement cost if the device or any parts are lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise not returned.
  • Three (3) late returns for any device checkout will result in being permanently banned from borrowing all devices.

Proper Care and Use

  • As with any electronic device, do not leave the hotspot in a hot vehicle for an extended period of time.
  • Do not remove the sim card for any reason.
  • If the hotspot prompts you to update its software, you may accept. The software update should only take a few minutes.
  • Please note that your hotspot should only be plugged in to the AC adapter while the device is charging. Once it is fully charged, unplug the hotspot to prevent overheating or device malfunction.
  • If your device displays a message that says, “Data Limit Reached,” try turning the device off for a few minutes and then restart.