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Music For Writing?

Music is a powerful creative medium that helps serve as inspiration for many people, writers included. Many writers find that playing music is helpful when it comes to writing inspiration, the act of writing itself, or the editing process. Music is a tool that can help some writers with focus and generate new ideas.


Music while writing can help reduce stress and anxiety, helps improve one’s mood, and can help boost and inspire creativity. There are some factors to consider, as music with lyrics can make writing and reading difficult, while music without lyrics help with focus and can be soothing and even empowering. However, this is different with everyone based on their tastes and preferences. There is no right or wrong genre of music to listen to while writing.



That is not to say that silence is not valid or helpful either. In some situations, silence is preferable to music. For some, music can be intrusive and can hinder needed concentration in certain writing situations. Silence helps with focus and gives the brain a break from multitasking.



So how can you tell if you write better with music or in silence? How can you tell which music genre helps you with the writing process? Try writing with music and your music preferences, then try writing in silence. The important part is choosing which music-and lack of music-is right for you.



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