The Benefits of Notebook Paper

Despite the wide array of word processor technology at our fingertips, nothing beats writing like writing on notebook paper.

Writing on notebook paper has more value than what most people would think. For one, writing on notebook paper helps with focus. Technology tends to distract many people and writers are no exception. Once we answer notifications on our smartphones and other devices, we have a hard time looking away from them for a long while. Writing on notebook paper helps get past the distraction problem because it has no notifications and it is simple by design. An additional benefit of writing on notebook paper is that it will not indicate if you have messed up writing certain words and allows you freedom to mess up your manuscript and finish the rough draft before polishing it on your word processor later on.

The biggest benefit of notebook paper as it allows brainstorming and idea development. Writing on paper allows writers to better visualize their ideas, which in turn can help inspire other ideas going forward. Writing on notebook paper is personal and satisfying and also does away with the aforementioned sense of perfectionism that sneaks onto writers when they work on a word processor. Writing on notebook paper also aids with learning and memory as it allows you to think a little longer before writing. Overall, working with notebook paper helps boost engagement with the material and help set up your goals.

Another aspect of notebook paper that needs to be mentioned is that it helps reduce infowhelming, which is being overwhelmed with too much information. Writing on notebook paper allows you to write down your ideas with clarity and also not be distracted by outside information. Utilizing paper helps you think more clearly and not worry about any other outside information encumbering your mental processes. The brain is a human hard drive, arguably the best hard drive on the planet. Like many hard drives, however, it can be overloaded and burned out. Writing on notebook paper helps prevent mental burnout and focus on ideas more concisely.


When working on a rough draft of a new work, never be reluctant to use notebook paper. Much of it is highly affordable and easy to find.




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