MPL Writers Group

Why A Fellowship of Writers Is Important

Being a writer is known for being a solitary position. However, writers at times need support of other writers, as the writing process itself can be difficult. Writers are human, and humans are social animals. We need fellow writers to keep us accountable as well as to cheer us on.

We at the MPL Writer’s Group also believe that a writer’s group is important not just to teach and showcase creative writing techniques and concepts, but also to create a fellowship and a safe space for other writers to share their work. There are different benefits that the MPL Writer’s Group and other creative writing groups offer:

  • Creative writing groups allow writers to receive feedback on their works. Receiving critiques from other writers offers opportunities to improve your own work. Constructive criticism is essential for any writer aiming to see publication.
  • A writer’s group adds accountability for you and other group members. When other people count on you, it is harder to procrastinate.
  • A writer’s group allows you to access beta readers who can serve as an extra pair of eyes and can give helpful feedback. 
  • You will also be able to get tips on the business aspect of writing (Marketing, publishing, etc.)
  • Overall, feedback, encouragement, and overall support helps with the writing process and refines your writing in the long run.

At the MPL Writer’s Group, we work on creating a supporting environment for writers and give any encouragement in all writers’ projects.



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