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Why Writers Need An Official Blog

“If you build it, they will come.”

It is a common phrase with some truth, especially if you are trying to promote yourself as a writer in the vast space that is the Internet. This is why writers should invest time in an official site/blog. Creating a blog not only shows you off as a writer but it also adds a level of credibility and lets readers know what type of writer you are.



One of the benefits of starting your own blog is to help reach readership. It can allow you to reach more readers without spending money on advertising or on social media adverts. You’ll be able to find the right readers for your blog, especially for content that is related for your books. You are more likely to have more purchases for your book. Most importantly of all, people learn more about you from your blog and blog content.

Blogging will help you grow as a writer and it will also help promote yourself in the long run. If you are passionate enough about blogging, you can make some money from it by investing in adverts, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships. If you have any digital products, a blog will help you sell them.

For self-published authors, blogs are an affordable way to promote themselves. Blogs enable authors to connect with readers and to receive any feedback in return. A blog would enable a personal relationship with your work and keep readers updated on what is going on with your latest WIPs or anything related to your writing life.

The most important part of having a blog is having a sense of credibility, especially if you write non-fiction books.

Even in the era of social media, it is still important to start a blog to establish your presence as an author and to attract readership.



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