2023-01-01 – Sunday New Year’s Day
2023-01-16 – Monday Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday
2023-02-20 – Monday Presidents Day
2023-03-15 – Wednesday Staff In-Service
2023-04-09 – Sunday Easter Sunday
2023-05-29 – Monday Memorial Day
2023-06-19 – Monday Juneteenth
2023-06-21 – Wednesday Staff In-Service
2023-07-04 – Tuesday Independence Day
2023-09-04 – Monday Labor Day
2023-09-20 – Wednesday Staff In-Service
2023-10-09 – Monday Indigenous People’s Day
2023-11-11 – Saturday Veterans Day
2023-11-23 – Thursday Thanksgiving
2023-11-24 – Friday Day After Thanksgiving
2023-12-20 – Wednesday Staff In-Service
2023-12-24 – Sunday Christmas Eve
2023-12-25 – Monday Christmas Day

The library will close early for the Halloween parade, Thanksgiving Eve, and New Year’s Eve. 

When New Year’s Day or Independence Day falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday will be declared a holiday. When New Year’s Day, Christmas Day, or Independence Day falls on a Sunday, the following Monday will be declared a holiday.

From time to time and for certain special occasions, the library board may, by motion, designate other days as special holidays on a one-time basis. The library director also may designate days for closing the library for occasions such as: inventory, in-service, technology upgrade, etc.


Dec 25 2023


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