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Board of Trustees


What are the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees?
  1. The trustees accept voluntarily their appointment to the library board, and their individual obligations to attend regular and special meetings of the board.
  2. The trustees assume personal responsibility for acquainting themselves with the general trends of library development in order that the best type of library service may be given through the local library to fulfill the needs of the community.
  3. The board of trustees will attend at least one continuing education event annually.
  4. The board of trustees employs a competent and qualified library director, secures funding to provide an adequate staff and provides good working conditions.
  5. The board of trustees determines and formulates the policy of the library, promotes the library program in the community, and secures adequate funds to carry on the library work satisfactorily.
  6. The board of trustees assists the library director in preparation of the annual budget and defends it when necessary.
  7. The board of trustees responds to petitions, suggestions and complaints that are presented in writing by members of the public.
What are the terms of office?

Appointments to the board of trustees are for staggered four-year terms beginning May 1.  After two consecutive terms, a person is eligible for re-appointment after two years have elapsed.

When do they meet?

The 4th Wednesday of the month at 4:00 pm at the Library. Anyone is welcome to attend the regular board meetings. Click here for the link to past meeting minutes.

President: Karen Searight
Vice President: Marianne Schmitt
Treasurer: Macheala Siebenmorgen
Secretary: Ashlyn Riley

Board members:
Chris Diller
Marianne Schmidt
Jim Ewing
Mayor Bill Collins

Have a question? Email: board@hiawathalibrary.org.