MPL Writer’s Group

Hello and welcome to the official MPL Writer’s Group blog!

The MPL Writer’s Group is a creative writing group that meets virtually and in-person every first Tuesday in Morrill Public Library’s Small Meeting Room, 6:00-7:00 PM CST.

Whether you are an experienced writer or new to the writing field, or if you are just curious about the writing process, there is something for everyone in the MPLWG! Our main online meeting hub is the Facebook group MPL Writer’s Group Hangout, which you can access by clicking here.

Keep a look out for more blog posts and updates. We can’t wait to meet you!


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Writing Prompt #11 – Encountering A Ghost In A Castle

You encounter a ghost in a castle. What do you do?

Writing Prompt #10 – Who Do You Think Is An Interesting Character, And Why?

Who do you think is an interesting character, and why?

Writing Prompt #9 – Write A Sympathetic Story From The View Of The “Bad Guy”

Write a sympathetic story from the view of the “bad guy.”

Writing Prompt #8 – Write A Paragraph About Receiving A Box

Write a paragraph about receiving a box. Do you open it? And if you do, what is inside?

Writing Prompt #7 – What Is Your Favorite Activity During The Fall?

What is your favorite activity during the fall?

Writing Prompt #6 – Meeting A Stranger On A Train

One person meets a stranger on a train. Write the story that ensues.

The Basics Of Copyright

At one point, you’ve heard of copyright, and that copyright is a concept that needs to be acknowledged with creative

Writing Prompt #4 – Write A Short Paragraph About Being In The Dark

Write a short paragraph about being in the dark. – MPLWG

A Basic Guide To Giving Constructive Criticism

The art of giving and receiving constructive criticism in writing is not straightforward but it is an important step to

How Dialogue Moves The Plot

Writing dialogue is one of the most important skills that writers need to master. Dialogue is more than just making

Avoiding Publishing Scams

The world of writing and publishing in the digital age is vast, and it comes with its own dangers. Scammers

Writing Prompt #5 – Write A Poem About The Moon

Write a poem about the moon.  

Writing Prompt #3 – Write A Paragraph About Summer

Write a paragraph about summer.     – MPLWG

A Beginner’s Guide to Flash Fiction

When you hear the words “flash fiction,” what is your first thought? Is it fiction done in a flash? That

Knowing Your Audience

Reading audiences are what make writers successful. However, not all audiences are the same. There is also no such thing